SKS And Bodhicariya Alumni Association formed
Anton Chakma
BODHICARIYA EDUCATIONAL COMPLEX, Nov 16th, 2009: As had been Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu and other visionaries’ driving force, rather the idea behind the realization of organising the Reunion of SKS and Bodhicariya School Alumni – Review the past; Analyze the present and then plan the future thereby leading it towards betterment. This very adage had eventually given birth to the SKS and Bodhicariya Alumni Association. The acronym for which is SABAA.

During the course of numerous discussions and sessions which were conducted eventually led to the formation of this social welfare society and all those who were present had witnessed inspirational and insightful thoughts and views by dignitaries especially Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu.

Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu
SKS and Bodhicariya School Alumni deliberating on the formation of the Alumni Association


The Alumni had put forth innovative ideas as to how the SABAA could make a positive difference to SKS and Bodhicariya School’s current scenario while few senior alumni quite convincingly suggested the SABAA would be well placed to take up social welfare projects in the long run. It has to be mentioned here how one of Bodhicariya School’s ex-student Mr. Sanjib Chakma (currently working as a government official in Tripura) had quick-wittingly highlighted the connotation of the acronym SABAA. “SA-BAA” in the language of the Chakmas is an urging request towards a father, asking him to gauge and then savor the success of his offspring which obviously is a proud moment for all concerned. Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu has been tirelessly working for the upliftment of the Chakma society since a very long time while expecting nothing in return (a characteristic trait of a Bodhisattva). It is high time as reminded by Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu himself that his ambassadors take the baton from him and guide his noble vision towards a positive direction.

Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu however, stressed the fact that he also believes in the unity of his ambassadors the same way the Buddha believed in the Sangha. Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu said “The strength and power of the unified SKS and Bodhicariya students are insurmountable. Their potential is immense and they are bound to be successful if they stand united”. On the same lines, the SABAA had pledged to grow robust and work tirelessly, above and beyond the call of duty to realize Ven. Bimal Bhikkhu’s goals and dreams thereby carrying forward his legacy. And at some stage, the SABAA yearns to place an urging request towards Bimal Bhante saying “SA-BAA”.

It is noteworthy to mention that, SABAA also stands for shadow or shade. The SABAA in its infancy may be tagged a child of SKS and Bodhicariya School, however at some point in time the SABAA would present itself as a befitting partner to SKS working for the upliftment of the society, providing shelter(shade) to the weaker sections of society.

Reunion of SKS & Bodhicariya School Alumni a grand success
Pierre MARCHAND honoured with Changma Bandhu
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